Chore Jacket

***sold***This one-of-a-kind jacket is based on the traditional French worker's jacket known as "bleu de travail".  The fabric is repurposed from a medium weight, crisp, vintage or antique French linen bed sheet purchased in the markets of Provence.

The wearer's front right features the original hand sewn centre seam of the bed sheet.  The loom used to weave the fabric was a meter wide, so hand-stitching was used to join two lengths of fabric together to create a wide enough length of fabric for a bed.  The hand sewn seam reflects slight irregularities associated with hand sewing.  Repeated washings over the years have created a slightly darker tone about 6 mm wide/.25 inch wide running beside the hand stitching.

All three pockets feature original hand embroidery from the top of the bed sheet.   The number "329" is embroidered on one of the pockets.  I believe that this number is for laundry identification purposes.  The jacket hem, and one sleeve feature the original hand-stitched hem of the bottom of the bed sheet.

Fabrics that are not new linen are listed as vintage or antique as it is difficult to date fabrics and, when sourcing fabric, my focus is on its tactile nature and its reflection of a history of use and/or workmanship.