Laura Dress - Repurposed vintage or antique French hemp -- size small (style 01)

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***Sold*** This one-of-a-kind dress is repurposed from a medium weight, vintage or antique French hemp bed sheet purchased in the markets of Provence.  For the purpose of comparison you could compare it to heavier weight rustic weave new linen.

The wearer's left front dress skirt has the original hand sewn centre seam of the bed sheet running the length of the skirt.  There is a similar seam on the centre back bodice.  The loom used to weave the fabric was a meter wide, so hand-stitching was used to join two lengths of fabric together to create a wide enough length of fabric for a bed.  There is a very subtle monogram of JM sewn in white (6 cm/2 ¼ inches in height).

There is a mark on the front dress skirt about 8cm/3 inches below the waist under one of the pleats.  It is faded about 1 cm square/½ inch square.  It is hidden in the folds, but if you look closely you can see it.

The hem of the dress is the original hand stitched hem of the sheet.

The dress has convenient in-seam side pockets.

The fabric has been pre-washed and will not shrink if washed in cold water and hung to dry. 

Please review the measurements provided to ensure that this would be the right size for you.  The measurements provided are of the actual finished garment.   Remember to add 2.5 cm/1 inch or so to your bust and waist measurements to permit the garment to hang properly.  There is no zipper on this dress.

Fabrics that are not new linen are listed as vintage or antique as it is difficult to date fabrics and, when sourcing fabric, my focus is on its tactile nature and its reflection of a history of use and/or workmanship.