Laura Dress - Repurposed vintage or antique French hemp (size medium) style 04

This dress is repurposed from a vintage or antique hemp nightgown.  The original draw string neckline and small monogramme is maintained at the neck line.  The hemp is of a lovely medium to heavy weight.  I had two nightgown like this and both have been repurposed into these lovely tactile garments.  This is the last one.

The skirt of the dress features the original nightgown side gussets and associated hand stitching. The hem of the dress features the original selvedge of the woven fabric.  This means that the fabric has the "straight of grain" running horizontally instead of vertically, as it did in the original nightgown.  This adds to the uniqueness of the dress and does not affect the fit.

This dress does not have pockets because I used the entire bottom part of the nightshirt and did not wish to cut it in two to permit pockets.

Fits a bust that is 39.5" to 41.5".  See last photo provided for dimensions.