***SOLD*** gift bag - repurposed vintage French linen "for you" "heart""

***SOLD*** gift bag - repurposed vintage French linen "for you" "heart""

***Update November 24, 2020, this bag is available but will ship 7 days after you order in order to permit me to make it for you***

Consider starting a new tradition using this gift bag for "back and forth" gift giving with someone close to you.  You give it to a friend with a gift inside and they give it back to you with a gift at your next celebration.

It is repurposed from vintage French linen and lined with new undyed linen.

Approximate measurements 8" high (when closed)  x 18" in circumference (at its fullest part).  (20cm x 45 cm).  Size guide - it would hold about 5 medium sized apples easily.

Each bag that I make will be from different repurposed French linen and while the dimensions will be the same, your finished gift bag will differ slightly.  For example-the photo sample shows the vertical original centre seam join from French bed linen.   This bag is sold.   This type of feature will likely not be on your gift bag.  Some bags will be from linen that is soft and worn and others will be from crisp linen.  All will feature the embroidery similar to that in the photo.