***Sold*** Apron repurposed from vintage or antique French household linen 08

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This apron is repurposed from beautiful French hemp.   The design for the redwork birds is what would often appear on a typical French kitchen window or shelf/mantel trim.  The  redwork is embroidered by ratatouille designs.

The pocket is pieced together from two different pieces of french hemp, and linen and hemp.  Both pieces of hemp feature the hand stitching from the hem of the original sheet.

Note,  the direction (also known as the grain) of the fabric on this apron runs widthwise (versus the traditional lengthwise).  It permitted me to leave the original hand stitched hem of the sheet running vertically at one side of the apron

The apron is 37"/93 cm in length and 33"/84 cm in width.  The neck strap is 20.5"/52 cm in length and is not adjustable.

All measurements approximate.