Product Care

How to care for your vintage fabric:

Natural linen is a very high quality and durable textile. There are a variety of ways that you may choose to launder your hand made linen item. All linen will eventually soften with washing.  With this softness comes the absorbency that linen is known for.

New European Linen Household items:

We would suggest that for the purposes of longevity that you machine wash your hand made linen item at a cold or warm temperature and hang it to dry, or machine dry on the cool cycle. It will become soft and highly absorbent after approximately 4 washes. Absorbency is particularly important for tea towels. If you do not wish to wait for four washes for your tea towel to become absorbent, you can speed up the softening process by washing it at a hot temperature and machine drying at a hot temperature.  The item will shrink, and you will have achieved the desired softness quickly. We recommend that once you have achieved the desired effect that you then dry on the cool cycle or air dry to increase the longevity of your linen.

Hair towels and bath towels are highly absorbent at the time of purchase.

If your new European linen item has a vintage embellishment its delicate nature may need it to  be treated with some care when being washed. Machine wash it on a delicate cycle and hang dry.


All new European linen items that are not sold as pre-washed, will shrink approximately 8% in length and 5% in width (even when washed on cold and air dried) during the first wash cycle. If you choose to use a machine dryer on the hot cycle the shrinkage will be a greater.

New European Linen Clothing:

These garments should be machine or hand washed in cold water and air dried.  No shrinkage will occur if these instructions are followed.

Vintage French linen/hemp:


Wash in cold or warm water and hang dry or machine dry on cool cycle. If your item has delicate hand work, then wash on delicate cycle. Avoid heat in the clothes dryer.

Ironing your new European linen and antique/vintage French linen item:

We have learned that relaxed, rumpled and casual is stylish for some people, and totally unacceptable for others. Not ironing can be fashion-forward. Try shaking/flicking your item to remove major wrinkles/folds when you take it out of the washer and then air dry. The more the garment is washed the softer it will become etc. Ironing can create a wonderful crisp look and be rather therapeutic. Yes, linen wrinkles, but good linen wrinkles in a lovely way (in our opinion!). Iron on the hottest temperature your iron has. If you wish use a spray/mist bottle with water and few drops of lavender essence.