Women's long black jacket - New European linen - (sizes extra extra small to extra large)

This long jacket is made from heavier weight new European linen and is meant to be worn open and complete your look.  Handy pockets are set into the side seams.  The linen will travel well, rumple beautifully and last for many years.

The silhouette/cut of the jacket is a straight cut.  The sleeves are longer permitting you to roll up, fold up, or push up your arms.  (Please note, that there are no buttons and there is no belt). 

The linen has been pre-washed prior to cutting.  This garment will not shrink provided it is washed in cold water and hung to dry.

This jacket is available in black linen.

Please review our drawings and measurements (see last two photos of the jacket) to ensure that this is the right size for you.